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1. Go to the [female upload/male upload] page according to your Shepard's gender.


2. Follow the instructions on the upload page.


3. If the YAML file uploads successfully, there should be a button and you can just generate the code right away.


4. You can generate the code again on the [female code gen/male code gen] page (I will delete YAML files after they have been on the site for 24 hours).


If the upload does not seem to work, you can go to the [female code gen/male code gen] page and paste the YAML contents in the big text box to generate a facecode.


If the upload/generate buttons are not doing anything, try a different web browser.

ME2 Facecode for ME1 Import

I used this guide and made a script that attempts to automate most of that process in making the face code. THANKS BLUEFALL FOR THE GUIDE!


Also, thanks to Epic Legion for his Mass Effect 2 Save Editor site for providing the YAML Export.


I highly recommend you compare this against your Mass Effect 1 import into Mass Effect 2 BEFORE you put it into Mass Effect 3.

[4/14/12] - Update

Did some changes to the code for possible fixes from jprospero.

cheek bones
cheekDepth_front: count right from center (not left)
cheekDepth_back: count left from center (not right)
chin width
Divide by 0.04 for both femShep and broShep (max of 0.6) (not just broShep)

[3/9/12] - Update

I'm trying to make the site look abit better and I've merged the yaml upload and copy & paste into the same page.

[3/7/12] - Update

I have changed around the male face code and now it should be correct, regarding the Hair settings.